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I am an Energy Coach and Business Alignment Teacher applying learnings from Feng Shui, Psychosomatic Therapy, Reiki, Meditation, Yoga and that which I have learnt from my own experiences and my many teachers, coaches and mentors. I am here to serve and guide awakening souls with discovering balance in their lives. Through accessing their own power and centrepoint and exploring the space from which inner peace and new inspired actions emerge. 

Power and possibility surround you. The question is are you tuning in to this?

Go to the most powerful places on Earth and experience what is possible and then you can apply this feeling to your entire being. To how you speak, how you move and how you listen. Stay in these places until you can embrace your own heart’s desires, your inner voice, your song.

There are no words to justify these experiences. The feeling of the water as you dive under the waves in the ocean, the sound you hear as you close your eyes standing by a waterfall, the stillness and sweet sounds of the birds as you sit in the middle of a forest.

It aligns our energy. It tunes us in to the peace, love, power and abundance that this planet provides us. It is simple. It is liberating. It will help you to let go of everything you believed to show you the courage to embrace everything you have ever desired.

There may be tears, there may be resistance and you may feel naked with vulnerability. You must be courageous with divinely inspired action to set yourself free.

Transformation on a soul level is the foundation of greatness.

The path of love

The essence of joy

The truth of peace

Go out and explore, be curious, be passionate and be inspired. Live your life so you are your main source of inspiration.

It is already inside of you. You are here fulfill a calling. Be fearless in your endeavours. I believe in you.

The foundations of my teachings are built on this revelation and I am here to help you discover how it is that you can apply this to your life.

Have you ever had that deep seated feeling that you need to go after your dream?

Simply making more money, buying more things, getting married, having children, quitting your job or relationship or moving to a new place won’t suddenly solve all your problems. You need to transform them on an energetic level.

With powerful intention and healing you shift to a new vibrational state of being. I have spent years learning how to do this and discovered that this is the first step that helps bring us into alignment with who we truly are what we want to create. Do this and you will manifest all the health, wealth and possibilities you can imagine.

You are the creator of your own experience…give yourself permission to choose that which your heart desires.

With love,


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