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Want more balance in your life in 2021?

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(this isn't about how many hours you're working, we'll explore the whole picture)

For those who feel that most days life is messy, there's juggling, there's too much happening and you must keep moving to keep everything intact

Join us on a journey...

Join us on a group journey to reinvigorate your life through breathing, sharing and exploring the foundations of balance.

Each week for 9 weeks we'll have an hour together online as a group where the time is dedicated to you.

There will be breathwork, meditations, time for each person to share and a focus on the different aspects of balance and what you're exploring...and somedays maybe even dancing too! 

    This is for you if:

    You want some time back but don't see a way to make it happen

    You have just gone through a big change and want to create a new sense of what normal is

    You are considering a big change and want a supportive group and helpful tools to be there with you

    You are tired and burnt out and just want a break

    You have been doing superhuman work hours and wish for a deeper appreciation for all that you do

    You simply want to experience more joy, freedom, abundance and connection 

    This is not for you if:

    You are not willing to prioritise an hour a week to show up fully for yourself

  • Week 1

    Focus on the Base Chakra - grounding, security and structure

    Week 2

    Focus on the Sacral Chakra - explore play and creativity 

    Week 3

    Focus on the and Solar Plexus Chakra - personal power and productivity

    Week 4

    Focus on the Heart Chakra - feel love and nourishment of the soul

    Week 5

    Focus on the Throat Chakra - the healing power of sound and your voice

    Week 6

    Focus on Third Eye Chakra - Vision

    Week 7

    Focus on Crown Chakra - leadership and your divine and unique energy

    Week 8 

    Focus on expansion beyond self

    Week 9 

    Focus on the environment and tuning into this


    Receive a month's access to weekly online Gravity Yoga classes

    "Katie's done a lot to help me with issues with my business, issues at home and just getting in the right mindset and correct frame of mind to be able to handle problems, handle my emotions and to be able to let loose a little bit." "She's done a lot for me and I can't say enough about the level of work that she's done and where she has gotten me to so thanks!"

    Rusty Koss

    South Carolina, USA

    Included are weekly notes and free access to a private group to stay connected with other participants

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    Starts 22 July 2021 

    How did you get here?

    Do you have a vision of what a life with more free time looks like, but it feels like a distant dream? Is there so much responsibility in your life that when it seems like everyone around you gets a break, you're so committed to making sure they have everything they need that this so called break is simply a different environment to manage?

    It can feel hard on the days where you are holding up not just the family fort, but also the forts of those places you have enmeshed yourself in.

    How did you get there? With a lot of courage and strength and will I bet. Striving for a better world, an organised team and a nourished family who understand how much you love them.

    I am here to be your champion of bringing your own needs to the front and to remind you that which your heart truly desires is here to listen to and to pay attention to. Give yourself permission to be with the silence and have no need to fill in all the space. Breathe in the essence of who you are with deep graceful or messy breaths and exhale that which no longer feels aligned. 

    We are here to do this together. To know that we are supported, loved and cherished each and every day.


    "I thoroughly enjoy my classes, Katie is great. You just feel so in the moment, in the present and in the now. I recommend Katie!''

    Lee Murphy

    Gold Coast, Australia

    Introductory round registration $299 (US dollars)


    9 x 1 hour live weekly group video calls

    Weekly notes on each topic

    Access to private telegram group 

    + Bonus

    1 month free access to weekly online Gravity Yoga Classes

    “What an amazing improvement to the feel and comfort of our home. It’s incredible how well thought out but subtle adjustments by Katie made a huge difference to the nature and practicality of living in our place. Thanks heaps."

    Krystelle Schneider

    Gold Coast, Australia

    Want to join us but still thinking how can you possibly fit another thing into your weekly schedule?

    Appreciate these thoughts if they are there, this journey is designed to get clarity on this far beyond the six weeks.

    Here's your reminder that it's time to create more space in your schedule for you!

    If you want 10 minutes to chat get clear if this is journey is a fit for you, you may schedule in a call with Katie


    Give yourself the space to rediscover your centre, your truth and your passions

    The Essence of Who We Are

    There is no ordinary

    That was long ago

    While children whisper of their dreams

    We must listen to their stories

    Encourage their adventurous souls and guide the path to keep their spirits free

    And in doing so discover

    That we too are those children

    Wild adventurous souls

    With hearts open and spirits free

    Here not to continually drive up and down the highway

    Here to discover the beauty and intricacies of nature in all her glory

    And the essence of who we are from the inside out

    And love all of it

    That is life

    That is living

    © Awakening Stars 2021